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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (かたな) : セツ、サイ; き(る)、き(れる)、き(り); cut
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count; Stroke count: 4 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 667 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 27
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
切をめた宿いっさいをこめたしゅくはくりょうall-inclusive hotel charges/
きかんせっかい tracheotomy/
こぎって(n) cheque/check/(P)/
み切ったすみきった perfectly clear/
切りしきりばいばい transactions on dealer's terms/
よせつ cotangent (in trigonometry)/
っ切るつっきる (v5r) to cross/to go across/to go through/to cut across/
み切るすみきる(v5r) to be serene/(P)/
ふみきり (n) railway crossing/level crossing/starting line/scratch/crossover/(P)/
切れきげんぎれ (n) expiration of a term/
ふてきせつ(adj-na,n) unsuitable/inappropriate/improper/
切りせんぎりだいこんdried radish strips/
切るしきる (v5r) to partition/to divide/to mark off/to settle accounts/to toe the mark/
り切るうりきる(v5r) to sell out/to sell off/
切るよこぎる (v5r) to cross (e.g. arms)/to traverse/(P)/
いっさい(n-adv,n) all/everything/without exception/the whole/entirely/absolutely/(P)/
うらぎりもの (n) betrayer/traitor/turncoat/informer/
やつぎり(n) cutting into 8 parts/
き切りつききり (n) constant attendance (by a doctor)/
切れちぎれぐも (n) scattered clouds/
切りなかじきり(n) a divider/
切りひぎり(n) fixed or appointed date/
使みの切しようずみのきってused stamps/
爪切 つめきり(n) nail clippers/
剪み切るはさみきる(v5) to nip off/to snip/to clip/to trim off/
たいせつ(adj-na,n) important/(P)/
し切るだしきる(v5r) to use up/to do one's best/
み切りよみきり (n) finish reading/finish reading in one session/
い切るくいきる(v5r) to bite through/to eat up/
み切りふみきり (n) railway crossing/level crossing/starting line/scratch/crossover/
はんきっぷ half-price ticket/
こくさいへんしんきってけんinternational reply-paid coupon/
しんせつぎ(n) kindheartedness/
たいせつ important
いっさいしゅじょう (n) all creatures/
切であるはなはだふしん せつであるto be extremely unkind/
ち切るもちきる (v5r) to hold all the while/to talk about nothing but/
り切るすりきる(v5r) to cut by rubbing/to wear out/to spend all (one's money)/
切りどうぎり(n) cutting horizontally into the torso (with a sword)/
切りえんきり(n) separation/divorce/severing of connections/
切れともぎれ(n) same cloth (for patching)/
せいせつ (n) tangent (in trigonometry)/
れんらくきっぷ (n) connection (interline) ticket/
ち切るたちきる (v5r) to sever/to break off/to cut asunder/
を切るでんわをきる(v5) to hang up the receiver (of a telephone)/
ふわたりこぎって dishonored check/
れ切るつかれきる (v5r) to be exhausted/to be tired out/
ち切るうちきる(v5r) to stop/to abort/to discontinue/to close/
あいせつ(adj-na,n) pathetic/plaintive/
ち切れないまちきれない waiting impatiently for/
切るくぎる (v5r,vt) to punctuate/to cut off/to mark off/to stop/to put an end to/
尻切れしりきれ(n) object cut off at the end/
切りみきりはっしゃstarting a train before all the passengers are on board/making a snap decision/starting an action without considering objections to it any longer/
撫切りなでぎり(n) clean sweep/killing several with one sword sweep/
り切りかりきり (n) reserved (car)/
きねんきって special issue stamp/(P)/
皹の切れたひびのきれたchapped (hands)/
き切るいきせききる(v5r) to pant/to gasp/
やり切るやりきる(v5r) (uk) complete decisively/to do to completion/
切るみきる(v5r) to see everything/to abandon/to sell at a loss/
っ切るのっきる(v5r) (arch) to overcome/to get through/
切りしきり (n) partition/division/boundary/compartment/settlement of accounts/toeing the mark/
切りかんきり(n) can opener/(P)/
り切れるいりきれる (v1) (all) are able to get in/
り切りよりきり (n) (sumo) holding opponent's belt while pushing from the ring/
い切っておもいきって(adv) resolutely/(P)/
切れるとぎれる (v1) to pause/to be interrupted/(P)/
切りふみきり(n) railway crossing/level crossing/starting line/scratch/crossover/(P)/
切にえるしんせつにこたえる (exp) to repay a kindness/
に切るだいこんをせんに きる(exp) to cut a radish into fine strips/
切れのはぎれのよい crisp/staccato/
り切れないわりきれない indivisible/unconvincing/incomprehensible/unaccounted for/
切りえんきりでら (n) (historic) a temple in which women seeking release from marriage could take refuge/
め切るしめきる (v5r) to shut up/(P)/
切りかくぎり cut into cubes/
切れかみきれ (n) scrap of paper/
切るまぎる (v5r) to plow through (a wave)/to tack (against the wind)/
り切れるすりきれる(v1) to wear out/
切れるとぎれる (v1) to pause/to be interrupted/
り切れるわりきれる (v1) to be divisible (by)/to be divided without residue/
切れいたきれscrap lumber/piece of wood/
み切るはさみきる (v5r) to snip off/
び切りとびきり (adj-no,adv,n) extraordinary/superior/choice/(P)/
げ切るにげきる(v5r) to get away/to manage to hold on/
切りうすぎり (n) thin slice/slicing thin/
た切り雀きたきりすずめ (n) owning nothing except the clothes on one's back/
切り庖にくきりぼうちょう carving or butcher's knife/
し切るおしきる (v5r) to have one's own way/
が切れるもとねがきれる(exp) to be below the cost/to sell below cost/
切れこまぎれ(n) small pieces/
切りひときり (n) a pause/a period/a step/once/some years ago/
切れるちぎれる(v1) to be torn off/to be torn to pieces/(P)/
切りざんぎりあたま (n) cropped head/
し切とおしきっぷthrough ticket/
截ち 切るたちきる(v5) to cut off/to block/to disconnect/
つ切りやつぎり(n) cutting into 8 parts/
切れきぎれ (n) a piece of wood (cut from a larger piece)/
切りかわきり(n) beginning/start/(P)/
ち切りもちきり (n) hot topic/talk of the town/
あかぎっぷ(n) third-class ticket/
切りふうきり (n,vs) premiere/first showing/release (film)/
を切るえんをきる(exp) to get a divorce/to sever connections/
切りかみきり(n) paper silhouette cutout/paper knife/
切れふるぎれ old cloth/old rags/
切りかざきりばね(n) flight feathers/
り切るにがりきる (v5r) to look sour (disgusted)/
り切れないやりきれない (adj) intolerable/unbearable/
え切るひえきる (v5r) to become completely chilled/
を切るみえをきる (exp) to assume a posture/to pose/to make a defiant (proud) gesture/
い切ったおもいきった(adj-pn,exp) bravely/drastic/
切りいしきりば(n) a quarry/stone pit/
切りかなきりごえ(n) shrill voice/piercing cry/shriek/scream/
おしきりちょう (n) notebook with records of monies received/
を切るなみをきる(exp) to cut one's way through the waves/
り切りもりきり (n) single helping/
切るできる (v5r) to be out of/to have no more at hand/
切るうらぎる(v5r) to betray/to turn traitor to/to double-cross/(P)/
き切るつききる(v5) to be in constant attendance/
り切るなりきる (v5r) to turn completely into/to become completely/
切れまくぎれ(n) fall of the curtain/last scene/end of act/
切りくびきり(n) firing/dismissal/decapitation/execution/
せ切れよせぎれ(n) patchwork/
がっさいぶくろ (n) traveling bag/
切りねじきりscrew cutter/thread cutting/
切れしなぎれ (n) out of stock/(P)/
い切るおもいきる (v5r) to resign to fate/to despair/(P)/
撫で切りなでぎり(n) clean sweep/killing several with one sword sweep/
ぎ切れつぎぎれ (n) a patch/
切りざんぎり (n) cutting short/
切りいときりば(n) eyetooth/
つ切りよつぎり(n) cutting into four/quarter/photograph size 254mm x 305 mm/
切りおおぎり(n) last piece on the program/close/conclusion/large chop/
やり切れないやりきれない(adj) unbearable/too much/(P)/
皸が切れるひびがきれる(v1) to be chapped (e.g. skin)/
り切るはりきる(v5r) to be in high spirits/to be full of vigor/to be enthusiastic/to be eager/to stretch to breaking point/(P)/
切れないしきれない impossible to do/
噛み切るかみきる(v5r) to bite off/to gnaw through/
切りしきりしょinvoice/statement of accounts/
切るちぎる (v5r) to cut up fine/to pick (fruit)/(P)/
め切るしめきる(v5r) to shut up/
切れ切れとぎれとぎれ(adj-na,adj-no,adv) broken/intermittent/disconnected/
切りしめきり (n) closing/cut-off/end/deadline/Closed/No Entrance/(P)/
掻き切るかききる(v5r) to cut/to slit/
こぎって check
切りかみきりむし (n) long-horned beetle/
切りへいかきりさげ devaluation/
てんすうきっぷ ration-point coupon/
め切りしめきりび(n) time limit/closing day/deadline/
裾が切れるすそがきれる(exp) to get frayed at the hem/
切りつつぎり (n) round slices/
切りうらぎりもの(n) betrayer/traitor/turncoat/informer/
叩き切るたたききる(v5r) to mangle/to hack down/to chop down/
み切るふみきる (v5r) to make a bold start/to take a plunge/to take off/(P)/
切りりょうぎりたばこplain cigarette/
切るねぎる (v5r) to drive a bargain/to beat down the price/to haggle/(P)/
てきせつ(adj-na,n) pertinent/appropriate/adequate/relevance/(P)/
かたみちきっぷ one-way ticket/
に切るかくにきる (exp) to cut into squares (cubes)/
を切るくびをきる (exp,v5) to behead/to fire from a job/
切れぬのぎれ piece of cloth/
しんせつ (adj-na,n) kindness/gentleness/(P)/
切れてぎれ(n) severing of connections or relations/
が切れるかんにんぶくろのおがきれる (exp,v1) to be out of patience/to be unable to put up with something anymore/
切れひときれ(n) a slice/small piece/(P)/
ねきりむし(n) cutworm/
切りうらぎり(n) treachery/betrayal/perfidy/
ふしんせつ(adj-na,n) unkindness/unfriendliness/(P)/
切りめったきりhack to pieces/
捩じ 切りねじきりscrew cutter/
っ切れるふっきれる(v1) to break through/to become unbound by/to ooze out/
おうふくきっぷa round-trip ticket/
て切るたてきる (v5r) to close tight/
い切るいいきる (v5r) to declare/to assert/to state definitively/
み切るよみきる(v5r) to finish reading/to read through/
ひびの切れたひびのきれたchapped (hands)/
切りねぎり(n) root cutting/
塵切りみじんぎり finely chopped (cooking)/
り切れるうりきれる (v1) to be sold out/(P)/
便ゆうびんきって postage stamp/
おしきり (n) (1) straw cutter/short mane/(2) pressing and cutting/
切りいしきり(n) stone-cutting/quarrying/stone-cutter/(P)/
切りせんぎり(n) small pieces or strips of vegetables/
いっさいがっさい(n-adv,n-t) any and every thing/altogether/the whole shooting match/without reserve/
り切れうりきれ(n) sold-out/(P)/
を切るふうをきる (exp) to break the seal/
しんせつ (oK) (adj-na,n) kindness/gentleness/
皹が切れるひびがきれる(v1) to be chapped (e.g. skin)/
切りゆびきり(n) linking little fingers to confirm a promise/(P)/
はち切れるはちきれる(v1) to be filled to bursting/to burst/
切りせんぎり(n) small pieces or strips of vegetables/
め切りしめきり (n) closing/cut-off/end/deadline/Closed/No Entrance/(P)/
切るとりしきる (v5r) to run or operate a business/
しめきり(n) closing/cut-off/end/deadline/Closed/No Entrance/(P)/
きっ切りつきっきり(n) constant attendance/uninterrupted supervision/
切りあしきり(n) cutoff point/
切りみきりひん(n) bargain or clearance goods/
を切るくちびをきる(v5) to start a conversation/
り切れるすりきれる(v1) to wear out/
切りらんきり chopping (vegetables) into chunks/
切れはぎれ (n) scrap of cloth/odds and ends/
切りひとよぎり(n) one-jointed bamboo musical instrument/
ふみきりばんgatekeeper/crossing guard/
使い切るつかいきる (v5r) to use up/to exhaust/to wear out/
切りこきりこ (n) clave-like folk instrument/two bamboo pieces beaten together/
り切るのりきる(v5r) to weather/to get over/to tide over/to overcome/to get through/to ride across/to sail across/
切りくぎり (n) an end/a stop/punctuation/
はんせつ (n) half-size/
っ切りひっきりなし(adj-na) (uk) continually/continuously/incessantly/
切りみきり(n) abandon/forsake/
切りりょうぎり (n) plain cigarette/
きゅうせつ under pressure/urgency/
り切れありぎれ (n) remnants/
っ切りまるっきり (adv) completely/perfectly/just as if/