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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (また) : シュ; とる、と(り); take
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count; Stroke count: 8 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 3699 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 1262
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
うけとりにん (n) recipient/
け取うけとり (n) receipt/(P)/
取りくちとり (n) groom/horse boy/side dish/
を取るはいをとる (exp) to suffer a defeat/
を取るめんをとる (exp) to plane off the corners/
汲み取りくみとり(n) dipping up (night soil)/
せっしゅ (n) theft/stealing/larceny/(P)/
はぎ取るはぎとる(v5r) to tear off/to strip/to rob/
てきしゅ (vs) picking/plucking up/
り取るかりとる (v5r) to mow/to reap/to harvest/(P)/
取りいしつぶつとりあつかいじょlost and found office/
取るかたどる (v5r) to model on/to make in the shape of/to represent/to pattern after/to symbolise/to imitate/
を取るてまをとる(exp) to be detained/to take time/
け取りかけとり (n) bill collection or collector/
り取りかりどり borrowing without returning/
ワーク取りワークとりつけだい (manufacturing) fixtures/
ちょうしゅ (n) listening/hearing/audition/radio reception/(P)/
取りかんじょうとり bill collector/
さいしゅ (n) picking/collecting/harvesting/(P)/
取るひまどる(v5r) to take time/(P)/
取りくさとり weeding
取るひきとる (v5r) to take charge of/to take over/to retire to a private place/(P)/
剥ぎ取るはぎとる(v5r) to tear off/to strip/to rob/
掬い取るすくいとる(v5r) to dip or scoop up/to ladle out/
り取りかりとり(n) harvesting/reaping/
拭き取るふきとる(v5r) to wipe off/to wipe up/
取るいっぽんとるto beat/to gain a point/to upset/
取りげっきゅうとりsalaried employee/
せんしゅとっけん prior right/
け取りわけどり (n) sharing/division/
き取りひきとり (n) leaving/accepting/
い取るうばいとる (v5r) to plunder/
取りきどり affectation/pretension/
を取るあげあしをとる(v5) to find fault with someone/to flame someone/
っ取りのっとり(n) capture/takeover/hijack/skyjacking/
尻取りしりとり(n) Japanese word-chain game/cap verses/
取るじんどる (v5r) to encamp/to take up positions/
ててを取るきょをすててじつをとる(exp) to discard the shadow for the substance/
げるせんしゅてんをあげる(exp) to score the first point/
蝿取りはえとりそう(n) Venus flytrap/
を取るえいをとる (exp) to take up a weapon/
にてんせんしゅ (vs) taking (score) the first two points of the game/
掠め取るかすめとる(v5r) to snatch/to steal/
取りてんとりむし (n) derisive term for a diligent student/
び取るふたたびとる(v5) to reassume/
やり取りやりとり(n) giving and taking/exchange (of letters)/(P)/
まやくとりしまりほう (Japan's) Narcotics Control Law/
じむとりあつかい (n) acting director/
せいさんとりひき open account transaction/
しょうきんとりひき cash transaction/
とっとりけんprefecture in the Chuugoku area/
せんしゅけんright of preoccupancy/
傭取ひようとり (n) day laborer/journeyman/
い取りチューナーかいとりしき せんようチューナーintegrated receiver-decoder/IRD/
き取るぬきとる(v5r) to pull out/to draw out/
取りひととり prisoner's base (a game)/
取りゆみとりしき(n) bow-twirling ceremony in sumo/
取りめんとり (n,vs) chamfering/beveling/
汲み取るくみとる(v5r) to scoop out/to pump out/to understand/(P)/
取りしたどり(n) trade in/part exchange/
闇取やみとりひき(n) illegal or black-market transaction/secret deal/
取りひどり(n) fixed date/appointed day/(P)/
取りよめとり (n) taking a wife/
い取りかいとり (n) a purchase/a sale (transaction)/
り取りよりどり(n) picking and choosing/
り取りきりとり (n) cutting/tearing off/cutting off/robbery with assault/burglary/robber/burglar/
ちょうしゅりょう listener's or radio fee/
取りたねとり (n) seed-raising/breeding/gathering news/
うけとりてがたnotes receivable-trade/
り取りきりとりごうとう violent robbery/burglary/robber/burglar/
を取りきをとりなおす (v5) to completely rethink/to pull one's self together/
ち取るうちとる(v5r) to arrest/to take prisoner/to kill/(P)/
塵取りちりとり(n) dustpan/
取りちゅうもんとり order-taking/salesperson/
かとりせんこう (n) mosquito coil/anti-mosquito incense/
騙し取るだましとる(v5r) to take something away by deception/
き取るかきとる(v5r) to write down/to take dictation/to take notes/(P)/
騙取へんしゅ(n) swindling/
け取りうけとり(n) receipt/(P)/
て取るみてとる (v5r) to perceive/to grasp (the situation)/
取りてとり(n) talented sumo wrestler/good at manipulating (others)/
綾取りあやとり(n) cat's cradle/
かきとり(n) dictation/(P)/
け取るうけとる (v5r) to receive/to get/to accept/to take/to interpret/to understand/(P)/
じきとりひき (n) spot transaction/cash transaction/
かしてを取るおどかしてかねを とる(exp) to scare money out of (a person)/
取るくらいどる(v5) to scale/
せんむとりしまりやく (senior) managing director/
取りくさとり (n) weeding/weeder/weeding fork/
取るあいてどる(v5r) to take on an opponent/to challenge/
を取りげるもんだいをとりあげ る(v1) to take up a problem/
隈取るくまどる(v5r) to make up/to shade/
しょうけんとりひきほう(n) Securities and Exchange Act/
取りよこどり (n) usurpation/snatching/seizure/(P)/
取りてんかとり rule over the whole country/
取りすみとり (n) charcoal scuttle/
を取るしゃくをとる (exp) to measure (the length)/
せっしゅ (n) intake/absorption/adoption/(P)/
こうせいとりひきいいん かいFair Trade Commission/
かち取るわかちとる (v5) to divide the spoils/to receive a share/
き取りききとり(n) listening comprehension/(P)/
だまし取るだましとる(v5r) to take something away by deception/
取るみとる (v5r) to care for the sick/
糟取りかすとり(n) low-grade liquor/
かんしゅ (n,vs) seeing through/perceiving/noticing/getting wind of/
き取りひきとりて(n) claimant/caretaker/
を取るぼうしをとる(exp) to take off one's hat/
を取られるきをとられる (v1) to have one's attention attracted (caught)/to be preoccupied with/
しほんとりひきcapital transaction/
さしゅ (n,vs) exploitation/fraud/swindle/(P)/
取りかくとりcapturing a bishop/
しょうけんとりひきじょsecurities exchange/stock exchange/
取りらんどり (n) free exercises (in judo)/Japanese card game/
取りよりどり(n) picking and choosing/
れんぽうとりひきいいんかい(U.S.) Federal Trade Commission (FTC)/
み取るつみとる (v5r) to pluck/to pick/to nip off/
い取りぬいとり (n) embroidery/
かぶしきとりひきじょstock exchange/
しんようとりひきさきcharge customer/
たりを取るあたりをとる (exp) to make a hit/
汲取くみとりぐち(n) hole for pumping out septic tank/
を取るなかをとる (v5) to work out a compromise/
取ったとしとった aged/(P)/
り取りきりとりせん(n) line to cut something off along/
を取るだんをとる (exp) to warm oneself/
の取れるぜにのとれる (exp) to be worth the money/
取りうけとり (n) receipt/(P)/
取りぞうりとり(n) servant in charge of footwear/
りゃくしゅ (n) abduction/
ちり取りちりとり(n) dustpan/(P)/
しょうとりほう(n) (abbr) Securities and Exchange Act/
を取るあいだをとる (exp) to take the middle (between the two)/
りゃくしゅゆうかいざい (n) kidnapping/
き取るひきとる (v5r) to take charge of/to take over/to retire to a private place/(P)/
を取るばをとる(exp) to occupy much space/
すいとりがみ(n) blotting paper/
取りにんきとりbid for popularity/publicity stunt/
取りもじよみとりそうち character reader/
じ取るかんじとる (v5r) to feel/
に取るてにとる (exp) to take in one's hand/
み取るよみとる (v5r) to read (someones) mind/to read (the calibration)/
取りいのちとり(adj-no,n) fatal/
を取るふかくをとる(exp) to suffer a defeat/
り取るのりとる (v5r) to capture/to occupy/to usurp/
取のしんしゅのせいしんprogressive (enterprising) spirit/
を取るれんらくをとる(exp) to get in touch with/
取りからとりひき (n) fictitious or paper transaction/
鼠取りねずみとり(n) (1) rat poison/(2) mousetrap/rattrap/(3) speed trap/
かりうけとりtemporary receipt/
しんしゅ (n) enterprise/
取りあげあしとり(n) faultfinding/
牙取ぞうげとりひきivory trade/
き取るききとる(v5r) to catch (a person's words)/to follow/to understand/(P)/
せんしゅ(n,vs) earning the first (runs)/preoccupation/
取りあしどり(n) gait/manner of walking (swimming)/(P)/
ち取るうちとる (v5r) to catch/to get someone out (in baseball)/
闇取りやみとりひき(n) illegal or black-market transaction/secret deal/
尻取しりとり(n) Japanese word-chain game/cap verses/
捩じ取るねじとる(v5) to wring off/to wrest from/
を取るすいえいできんをとる(exp) to win the gold medal in a swimming race/
取るてまどる (v5r) to take time/to be delayed/
を取るみゃくをとる (exp) to take a pulse/
取りしゃくとりむし(n) inchworm/
っ取るのっとる(v5r) to capture/to occupy/to usurp/(P)/
こうとりくみgood game or match/
取りしょうとりほう(n) (abbr) Securities and Exchange Act/
舵取りかじとり(n) helmsman/coxwain/steering/guidance/
綾取あやとり(io) (n) cat's cradle/
取りしゅうどり (n,vs) entering the service of a daimyo/
を取るちょうしょくをと る(exp) to take breakfast/
を取るぎんをとる (exp) to capture a gin/to desilverize/
取るつうをきどる (exp) to set up for a man about town/
ち取るかちとる(v5r) to exert oneself and win/to gain (victory)/
せきとり(n) ranking sumo wrestler in the makuuchi (senior-grade) or juryo (junior-grade) divisions/
を取るりょうをとる(exp) to enjoy the cool breeze/
じょうむとりしまりやくmanaging director/
蚤取りのみとりこ(n) flea powder/
鞘 取りさやとり(n) brokerage/
婿取りむことり(n) adopting a son-in-law into one's family/marrying off one's daughter/
蝿取りはいとり(n) catching flies/fly-catcher/flytrap/flypaper/
を取ってせきをとっておく (exp) to book (take) a seat/
取りくらいどり (n,vs) grade/class/quality/unit/digit/positioning of decimal point/(P)/
い取りすいとりがみ(n) blotting paper/(P)/
かりうけとりしょう temporary receipt/
れを取るおくれをとる (v5) to be beaten/to be defeated/
取りじんとり (n) children's game in which the aim is to occupy the other's home base/
まやくとりしまりはん a narc(otics) squad/
り取るけずりとる (v5r) to shave off/to scrape off/
取りてどり (n) after tax/net income/
を取るあげあしをとる(v5) to find fault with someone/to flame someone/
ほけんきんうけとりにんinsurance beneficiary/
取りくうとりひき(n) fictitious or paper transaction/
を取るしょくひをとる (exp) to charge for one's meal/
取りしんじゅとりpearl fishing/pearl diver/
取りかとりせんこう (n) mosquito coil/anti-mosquito incense/(P)/
取りはんとりちょう (n) chit book/delivery book/
を取るせんてをとる(v5) to take the initiative/
取りすもうとり(Sumo) wrestler/(P)/
取りまどり (n) plan of a house/arrangement of rooms/
を取るしろをとる(exp) to take a castle/
アウトライト取アウトライトとりひき(n) outright transaction/
り取るきりとる (v5r) to cut off/to excise/to tear off/to cut out/to whittle down/to tear out/to cut down/to amputate/
き取りかきとり (n) dictation/(P)/
とうどり (n) (bank) president/
に取ってにとって(exp) (uk) to/for/concerning/as far as...is concerned/regarding/
蝿取りはえとり(n) catching flies/fly-catcher/flytrap/flypaper/
を取るまめのすじをとる (exp) to string peas/