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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: 广 (まだれ) : ; すわ(る); seat
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 6 Stroke count; Stroke count: 10 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 1515 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 3116
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
よきんこうざ(n) bank account/
じょうぎざ(n) the Rule (star)/
てっぽうざgunmakers guild/
の座つまのざ status of wifehood/
さんざ silkworm basket/
ふくざきtwo-seater airplane/
せいざとうえいきplanetarium (projector)/
こうざ bank account
みずがめざ(n) Aquarius/Water Carrier/
ご座ございる(v1) to be (very pol.)/
じゅうざ (n) emplacement/
やぎざ(n) Capricorn/
ございる (v1) to be (very pol.)/
たいざ (n,vs) sitting opposite each other/
げざlower seat
うおざ(n) Pisces/
まつざ(n) lowest seat/
ご 座るござる(v5aru) (pol) to be/
もくざ(n) sit silently/
へびざ (n) Serpent (constellation)/
たんきしゅうちゅうこ うざ(n) short, intensive course/
ぎょくざ (n) throne/
せいざ constellation
さんかくざ(n) the Triangle/
こうまざthe Colt (star)/
座りよこずわり (n) sitting with one's legs out to one side/
はくちょうざ (n) Cygnus/
ぎんざ (n) (Edo period) silver mint/(P)/
ふうちょうざ(n) (constellation) Apus/
座るござる (v5aru) (pol) to be/
熊座おおぐまざ (n) Ursa Major/
秤座てんびんざ (n) Libra/
いるかざ(n) (the constellation) Delphinus/
がかざ(n) (the constellation) Pictor/
いっかくじゅうざ (n) Monoceros (the constellation)/
熊座こぐまざ (n) Ursa Minor/
ぎんこうこうざ (n) bank account/
とざのがれtemporary expedient/
跏趺座けっかふざ (n) (sitting in) the lotus position/
擱座かくざ(n,vs) running aground/stalled/stranded/
ふくざ(n) two-seater/
に座るきにすわる (v5) to offend/
座にえるかみざにすえる(exp) to give (a guest) the seat of honor/
きゅうざひょう(n) spherical coordinates/
おひつじざ(n) Aries/ram guild/
れんげざ(n) lotus seat (under Buddha's statue)/
らしんばんざ (n) (the constellation) Pyxis/
ぜんざ (n) opening performance/minor performer/
おおいぬざ (n) Canis Major (constellation)/
まんざ (n) the whole assembly/the full house/whole group/everyone/
くるまざ(n) sitting in a circle/
かじきざ(the constellation) Dorado/
釜に座るあとがまにすわ る(exp) to take someone's place/to step into someone's shoes/to succeed someone in his post/
の座ほとけのざ (n) henbit (plant)/
胡座をかくあぐらをかく(v5) to sit cross-legged/to rest on one's laurels/
座臥ぎょうじゅうざが (n) the four cardinal behaviors (walking, stopping (standing), sitting and lying)/daily life/
りょうけんざ(n) the Hunting dogs (constellation)/Canes Venatici/
くじら座くじらざ(n) Cetus/Whale/
しゅざ(n) seat of honor/head of the table/head/
座るいすわる (v5r) to remain/
こうざ (n) account (e.g. bank)/(P)/
ししざ(n) Leo/
きざ(n,vs) sitting up in bed/
ふたござ (n) Gemini/
狼座おおかみざ(n) Lupus (star)/
えんざ (n) (system of) extending complicity for a crime to the criminal's family members/
うんざ (n) poetic meeting/
たんざ (n) single seat/single-seated/
ちょうざ (n) long stay/
つうしんこうざ correspondence course/(P)/
尻座こうざ(arch) crouching/
りゅうこつざ(n) the Keel star/
みずへびざ(n) (the constellation) Hydrus/
せいざ (n,vs) sitting correctly (Japanese style)/sitting (or squatting) straight/(P)/
しきょうけんざ the episcopal seat/
鼎座ていざ(n,vs) sitting in a triangle/
こいぬざ(n) Canis Minor (constellation)/
かみざ (n) chief seat/seat of honor/
胡座あぐら(n) sit cross-legged (i.e., Indian style)/(P)/
こうほうはちざeight lofty peaks/
ちんざ (n) enshrined/
おうざ (n) throne/
い座へびつかいざ(n) the Serpent Bearer (constellation)/Ophiuchus/
ていざ(n) imperial throne/
げざ (n) squatting/musicians' box on the left side of the stage/
蜥蜴座とかげざ(n) (the constellation) Lacerta/
たんざ(n,vs) sitting upright (properly)/
ぶつざ (n) Buddhist image seat/temple pulpit/
ちょこうざひょう(ik) (n) rectangular coordinates/
こうぶざせき (n) rear (back) seat/
せいざ (n) constellation/(P)/
ご座いますございます(v5) to be (polite)/to exist/(P)/
しょうざ (n) seat of honor/
とうざしさん liquid assets/
蟹座かにざ(n) Cancer/
れんざ(n,vs) implicated (involved) in (a crime)/
たんざきsingle-seated plane/
駒座こまざEquuleus (constellation)/
の座けんりょくのざposition of power/
座いますございます (v5) to be (polite)/to exist/
こうざ (n) platform/stage/upper seat/pulpit/
よびざせきrumble seat/
じょうざ(n) chief seat/seat of honor/
ちゅうざ (n,vs) leaving before an affair is over/
あんざ(n) sitting quietly/sitting cross-legged/
鷲座わしざ(n) (the constellation) Aquilia/
蠏座かにざ(the constellation) Cancer/
退たいざ (n) leaving one's seat/
しもざ (n) lower seat/sitting at the foot of the table/
とうざ(adj-no,n) for some time/present/current/immediate/
そくざ(adj-no,n) immediate/right there on the spot/impromptu/(P)/
せんざ(n) relocation of a shrine/transfer of an object of worship/
こうざかかり teller (in bank)/
ぶんがくざthe Bungaku Company/
さいだんざ(n) (the constellation) Ara/
蠍座さそりざ(n) the Scorpion constellation/Scorpio/
たてざScutum (constellation)/the Shield/
どうざ (n) sitting together/the same theater/involvement/entanglement/implication/
こうかいこうざ extension lectures/
ちょうこくしつざ (n) The Sculptor (the constellation)/
きかんざ seat of an engine/
せいざ (n) sitting quietly/meditation/
座いますありがとうござ います(exp) (uk) thank you/
鳩座はとざ(n) (the constellation) Columba/
めいじざthe Meijiza Theater/
ちょっこうざひょう (n) rectangular coordinates/
れつざ (n) attendance/presence/
きょくせんざひょう (n) curvilinear coordinates/
便べんざ (n) toilet seat/
鳳凰座ほうおうざ(n) (constellation) Phoenix/
やまねこざ(n) (the constellation) Lynx/
りゅうざ (n) Draco (dragon) constellation/
どくざ (n) sitting alone/
むなぐら(n) collar/lapels/chest/
おもてざしき (n) front room/parlor/living room/
いてざ(n) Sagittarius/bowman's seat/firing seat/
ちゃくざ (n,vs) taking a seat/
とうざよきん current (checking) account/
ろざ (n) sitting in the open air/
きょくざひょう(n) polar coordinates/
ろくぶんぎざ (n) The Sextant (star)/
おざなり(adj-na,n) perfunctory/commonplace/
れ座はなれざしきroom detached from main house/
座凌ぎとうざしのぎ (n) makeshift/for the time being/
おくざしき(n) inner parlor/salon/living room/
座りいすわり (n) remaining/
ちょうこくぐざ (n) Caelum (the constellation)/
とけいざ(n) the Clock star/
そうごうこうざ (n) savings account/deposit account/
くじらざ(n) Cetus/Whale/
ござしょ(n) a throne/
うみへびざ (n) (the constellation) Hydra/
どげざ(n,vs) kneeling down on the ground/prostrate oneself/
こうざ(n) lectureship/chair/course/(P)/
おうしざ(n) ox guild/Taurus/
座にそくざに immediately/right away/
ぶつぞうにざ two images of Buddha/
だいざ (n) pedestal/
股座またぐら(n) crotch/
べんざvalve seat/
えんざ(n) sitting in circle/round straw mat/
おとめざ(n) Virgo/maiden guild/
いちざ (n) the party/those present/a troupe/the first seat/