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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (しょく) : ショク、ジキ; た(べる)、く(う)、く(らう); eat
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count; Stroke count: 9 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 5154 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 2075
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
しゃいんしょくどう(n) staff canteen/
まつくいむし(n) general term for insects harmful to pine trees/
貪り食うむさぼりくう(v5) to devour greedily/
り食いうりぐい(n) living by selling off one's possessions/
にくしょく(n) meat diet/(P)/
きないしょく(n) inflight meal/
せいしょく (n) occultation/
いんしょく (n) food and drink/eating and drinking/(P)/
食らうめんくらう(v5u) to be confused (bewildered, taken aback)/
けんこうしょくひんhealth foods/
じょうしょく(n,vs) daily food/regular diet/staple food/
ぜっしょく (n) fasting/
せいせんしょくりょうひん(n) perishable food(s)/perishables/
乞食に こじきにかねをめぐむ (exp) to give money to a beggar/
へんしょく (n) unbalanced diet/(P)/
かいきしょく(n) total eclipse (of sun by moon)/totality/
ちゅうしょくかい (n) luncheon meeting/
食いいぬぐい (n) sloppy eater/
せっしょく (n,vs) eating lightly (to save money, food, calories, etc.)/
ばいしょく(n) dining with one's superior(s)/(P)/
ぼっしょくし(n) gallnut/
けいしょく(n) light meal/(P)/
食いおくいぞめweaning ceremony/
ゆうしょくぬきwithout having supper/
じゃくにくきょうしょ くsurvival of the fittest; the law of the jungle
み食いつまみぐい(n) eating with one's fingers/
かいしょく (n) dining together/mess/(P)/
ようしょく (n) Western-style meal/(P)/
むせんいんしょく (vs) leaving a restaurant without paying bill/
ていしょくset meal
やきにくていしょく(n) set meal with grilled meat/
だんいほうしょく well-fed and well-dressed/
くを食うけんつくをくう(v5) to be the victim of a burst of anger/
あくじき (n,vs) eating poor food/eating meat/eating repulsive things/
げっしょく(n) lunar eclipse/(P)/
を食うあわをくう (v5) to be flurried/to be confused/to lose one's head/(P)/
食いおおぐい(adj-na,n) gluttony/
かいしょく (n,vs) marine erosion/
さいしょく (n) vegetable diet/(P)/
ぼうしょくざい(n) an anti-corrosive (agent)/
侑食ゆうしょくassisting at dinner/dining with a superior/
食むむしばむ (v5m) to eat into (e.g. by worms)/to spoil/to ruin/to undermine/
びしょくか epicure/gourmet/
食いむしくいば(n) a decayed tooth/
だんじき (n,vs) fasting/
がいしょく (n) eating out/(P)/
食を調えるゆうしょくをととのえる(exp) to get supper ready/
貪食どんしょく(n) voracity/ravenousness/
貪り食らうむさぼりくらう(v5) to devour greedily/
むげいたいしょく (n) lacking the talent to do anything but eat/
食いめんくい(n) attracted by physical looks only/
かいきげっしょく (n) total eclipse of the moon/
霞を食うかすみをくう(exp) to live on air/
じゅくしょく (rare) well-cooked(-boiled) food/
うちゅうしょく(n) space food/
ごと食べるさかなをまるごとたべる(exp) to eat a fish whole/
げんしょく (n,vs) diet/
ししょく (n) sampling food/(P)/
おしょくじどころ (Japanese) restaurant/
かしょく (n,vs) overeating/
かいしょくだいabrasion platform/
食いともぐい (n) cannibalism (in animals)/mutual destruction/internecine struggle/eating each other/damaging each other/
じゃくにくきょうしょく(n) The survival of the fittest/the law of the jungle/
食いほんくいむし bookworm (literal and figurative)/
きゅうしょく (n,vs) school lunch/providing a meal/(P)/
さんしょく(n) encroachment/invasion/aggression/(P)/
たしょく (n) one who generally eats a lot/
レトルト食レトルトしょくひん(n) packed and sterilised food/retort pack/
しょうしょくかlight eater/
食いねぐいliving in idleness/
かいしょくどう(n) sea cave/marine cave/
しっくい (gikun) (n) mortar/plaster/stucco/
へいしょく (n) food for soldiers and noncommissioned officers/
ばんしょく(n) eating with a guest/nominal official (a slighting term)/
ほうしょく(n) gluttony/satiation/engorgement/(P)/
乞食にれてやるこじきにかねを くれてやる(exp) to give money to a beggar/
ぼうしょく(n) protection against corrosion/
乞食こじき(n) beggar/begging/(P)/
食わぬなにくわぬかお(n) innocent look/
さいしょくしゅぎ vegetarianism/
しゅしょくぶつstaple food/main article of diet/
わしょく (n) Japanese-style meal/(P)/
りゅうどうしょく(n) liquid food (diet)/
いちじき one meal (a day)/
ぼりぼり食べるぼりぼりたべる (v1) to eat with a munching or crunching sound/
み食いぬすみぐい(n) sneaking a bite/
しんしょく (n,vs) infringement/violation/(P)/
せいりてきしょくえんす い(n) physiological saline solution/
そしょく(n) simple diet/poor food/(P)/
もっしょくし(n) gallnut/
ゆうしょく(n) dinner/(P)/
ばんしょくだいじん nominal (figurehead) minister/titular minister/
ていしょく(n) set meal/special (of the day)/(P)/
ちゅうしょく (n) lunch/midday meal/(P)/
くを食わすけんつくをくわす(v5) to burst out in anger/
さんしょくまかないつき(adj-no) with three meals served/
乞食こじきこんじょう base nature/
食いくすりぐい (n) winter-time practice of eating meat of animals such as boar and deer to ward off cold/
食いむだぐい(n) eating between meals/living idly/
ってる食つのってくるしょくよく rising appetite/
しんしょく (n,vs) erosion/corrosion/(P)/
ち食いたちぐい (n,vs) eating while standing/eating at a (street) stall/
やしょくmidnight snack
ぼういんぼうしょくdrinking and eating too much/
いしょくじゅう(n) necessities of life (food, clothing, etc.)/(P)/
かんしょく(n) eating between meals/snacking/(P)/
やしょく (n) supper/night meal/
さんしょく (n) three meals (a day)/
えんぞうしょくひん salted food/
かしょく (n,vs) eating cooked food/
あましょく (n) sweet bun/
を食いしばるはをくいし ばる(v5) to bear up in tragedy/to stand pain well/to hold one's temper/
食べるひとくちたべる to eat a mouthful/
きょうかしょくひん fortified foods/
が食えないめしがくえな いcannot make a living/
としょく (n) idle life/idleness/
たいしょくかん(n) great eater/glutton/
あくしょく (n,vs) eating poor food/eating meat/eating repulsive things/
そいそしょくsimple or frugal life/
ちゅうしょく lunch
せっしょく(n,vs) feeding/feed/
しゅしょく (n) staple food/(P)/
きんかんしょく(n) annular eclipse/
びこうしょく emergency food/
きょしょく (n,vs) refusing food/
食いこめくいむし(n) rice weevil/
りゅうしょく (n) eating rice/(cereal) grains/
そうしょくどうぶつ herbivore/
ちゅうじき (n) lunch/midday meal/
びしょく (n) delicious or gourmet food/
ひくいどり(n) cassowary/
ゆうしょく(n,vs) living in idleness/
ほしょく (n,vs) predation/eating prey/preying upon/
食いひやめしくい (n) a hanger-on/a dependent/
蟻食いありくい(n) anteater/
いまけんしょくどう living room-cum-dining room/
にっしょく (n) solar eclipse/(P)/
お食いおくいぞめweaning ceremony/
食いひとくい (n) cannibalism/biting (someone)/
たいしょく (n) corrosion-resistant/
食をちょうしょくをとる(exp) to take breakfast/
煽りを食うあおりをくう(v5) to suffer a blast or indirect blow/to be subject to the surplus force of an impetus/
しぜんしょくひんnatural foods/
を食うよこづなをくう (exp) to beat a grand champion/
がっこうきゅうしょく (n) school lunch/
を食うめしをくう (exp) to devour a meal/to have a meal/
ざっしょく(n) omnivorous/
げんえんしょく(n) a low-salt diet/
けっしょく (n) missing a meal/
かんいしょくどう cafeteria/snack bar/lunch counter/
し食いかくしぐい eating on the sly/
きょしょくしょう(n) anorexia/
いんしょくてん (n) restaurant/shops serving food and drink/(P)/
ばしょく(n) heavy eating/
ちょうしょく (n) breakfast/(P)/
しょうしょく (n) one who generally eats little/
ふうしょく (n) wind erosion/
しょうしょく (n) light eating/spare diet/
もくじきしょうにん holy men who abstain from meat and cooked food/
きしょく(n,vs) parasitism/dependency/
いんしょくぶつ(n) food and drink/
み食いつまみぐい (n) eating with one's fingers/
ざしょく (n) living in idleness/
すいしょく (n) erosion/
ふんしょく (n) powdered food/
たいしゅうしょくどう (n) cheap restaurant/eating place (house)/
にくしょくじゅう (n) carnivorous animal/
がいしょくさんぎょう food service industry/
ししょく sampling
食いいぐい (n) living in idleness/
りっしょく (n) stand-up meal/buffet/
べいしょく (n) rice-based or centered diet/
おかしい strange word
インスタント食インスタントしょくひんinstant foods/
乞食かわらこじき unflattering term for actors/
食いむしくい (n) worm-eaten/
を食むほうをはむ (exp) to receive a salary/
そうしょく (n) herbivorous/(P)/
の食うかのくうほどnot be worried about anything/
ひがわりていしょく daily lunch or dinner special/
で食べるなまでたべる to eat raw (fresh)/
たいしょく (n) gluttony/
ほぞんしょくpreserved foods/
食わすいっぱいくわすto play a trick on/
食らいおおぐらい (adj-na,n) glutton/
餌食えじき(n) prey/victim/
蓼 食うたでくうむしもすきずき(exp) there's no accounting for tastes/
ぶぶんしょく(n) partial eclipse/
蟻食ありくい(n) anteater/
で食ってほんやくでくっていくto live on translation/
さんせいしょくひんacid(ic) foods/
ふくしょく (n) side dish/supplementary food/
むいとしょく idling one's time away/
けっしょくじどう schoolchild without lunch/
ちゅうしょくじlunch time/
ふくしょくぶつ (n) side dish/supplementary food/
食いきくいむし(n) wood borer/
に食わないきにくわない unable to stomach/
乞食いちやこじきa person made homeless by fire/
ゆうしょく supper, dinner
ぎゅういんばしょく (n,vs) heavy eating and drinking/gorging and swilling/drinking like a cow and eating like a horse/
い食いかいぐい (n) buying (and immediately consuming) sweets/
乞食こつじき(n) beggar/begging/
かしょくliving on fruit/