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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (うま) : バ、マ、メ; うま; horse
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count; Stroke count: 10 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 5191 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 3296
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
はだかうま(n) unsaddled horse/(P)/
り馬のりうま (n) riding horse/saddle horse/
しゅんめ (iK) (n) swift horse/
りゅうめ (n) (1) splendid horse/(2) promoted bishop (shogi)/
じんば(n) men and horses/
しゅめ equerry/
きばみんぞく an equestrian tribe/
りょうば (n) good horse/
駿馬ゆうしゅんば fine horse/
てんばくうをいく (v5k-s) to advance unobstructed/
らくば (n,vs) falling from a horse/
き馬ひきうま (n) draft horse/
きょくば (n) circus/equestrian feats/
あくば (n) wild horse/unmanageable horse/
きば (n) horse-riding/(P)/
こうま (n) pony/colt/
げばさき(n) dismounting place/
きょうそうば(n) racehorse/
鞍馬 あんば(n) side horse/pommel horse/
きょくばだん (n) circus troupe/
げばひょう(n) rumor/gossip/speculation/irresponsible criticism/hearsay/
鏑馬やぶさめ(n) horseback archery/
驢馬ろば(n) (uk) donkey/
鹿しがつばか (n) April fool/
とうさいば(n) yearling/
馬のへいばのけん supreme military power/
あなうま (n) dark horse (candidate)/
ぐんまけんprefecture in the Kantou area/
けいば (n) horse racing/(P)/
きゅうば (n) archery and horsemanship/
ゆうりょくば(n) hopeful (promising or strong) candidate/
こうまざ the Colt (star)/
てつどうばしゃ (n) horse-drawn streetcar/
にばしゃ(n) wagon/dray/cart/
しゅつば (n,vs) going on horseback/going in person/running for election/
ぐんば(n) army horse/
駿馬 しゅんば(n) swift horse/
てんません (n) large sculling boat/
もくば (n) wooden horse/rocking horse/horse used in gymnastics/
龍馬りゅうめ(n) (1) splendid horse/(2) promoted bishop (shogi)/
はつば(n) start (of a horse race)/
はくば (n) white horse/
やじうま(n) curious onlookers/rubbernecks/
頓馬とんま(adj-na,n) idiot/fool/dope/
しゅんば (iK) (n) swift horse/
たいこうば(n) a rival horse or candidate/
ゆうりょうばthoroughbred horse/
ての馬よんとうだてのばしゃcoach and four/four hourse coach/
痩せ馬やせうま(n) scrawny horse/
じょうばふく(n) riding habit/
め馬せめうま (n) breaking in a horse/
いばしんえん (n) uncontrollable passions/
そうまとう(n) revolving lantern/kaleidoscopic/
こうしょうばりき nominal horsepower/
げば (n,vs) dismounting/
やじうまこんじょうthe spirit of curiosity/
えきばしゃ(n) stagecoach/
きょくばしcircus stunt rider/
ぎゅうば (n) horses and cattle/
さんかんば(n) winner of Japan's three main horse races/
鹿こばか (n) a fool/
れ馬あばれうま (n) restive horse/runaway/
しゃばちん(n) carfare/fare/transportation expenses/
だば (n) packhorse/workhorse/hack/
じょうがいばけん off-track betting/
かいてんもくば merry-go-round/carousel/
たねうま (n) studhorse/stallion/breeding horse/
桂馬けいま(n) knight (shogi)/
のうま(n) wild horse/
からうま (n) unburdened horse/
悍馬かんば(n) bronco/unruly horse/
しんめ (n) sacred horse/
馬のちくばのともchildhood friend/
ちゅうおうけいば (n) (horse)-racing operated by the Japan Racing Association/
たけうま(n) (walk on) stilts/bamboo horse/(P)/
けいばじょう(n) racecourse/race track/
ちょうば (n) long horse (for vaulting)/
ゆうしょうばwinning horse/
て馬あてうま(n) stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate/stalking horse/spoiler/
あくめ (n) wild horse/unmanageable horse/
鹿うすばか(adj-na,n) dimwit/
かば (n) hippopotamus/
鹿おやばか(n) (over) fond parents/
こうま (n) pony/
き馬いきうま (n) living horse/
幌馬ほろばしゃ(n) covered wagon/prairie schooner/
牝馬ひんば(n) (arch) mare/
縞 馬しまうま(n) zebra/
駻馬かんば(n) bronco/unruly horse/
えうま(n) votive picture (originally of horse)/
曳馬ひきうま(oK) (n) draft horse/
ね馬はねうま (n) vaulting horse/
じゃじゃ馬じゃじゃうま(n) (col) restive horse/unmanageable woman, shrew, bitch/
ら馬鹿うすらばか simpleton/dimwit/sluggard/
ねりまだいこん (n) variety of daikon/woman's fat legs/
き馬つきうま(n) bill collector for the night's entertainment/followers/
馬のけんばのろう rendering what little service one can/
しゅっそうば (n) horse entered in a race/
いば (n) uncontrolled/
あらうま (n) wild or untamed horse/
ちくば (n) (walk on) stilts/bamboo horse/(P)/
やじうまこんじょう the spirit of curiosity/
じょうば (n) riding horse/saddle horse/
ふうばぎゅう(n) indifferent/
やじうま (n) curious onlookers/rubbernecks/
騾馬らば(n) mule/
めいば(n) fine or famous horse/
西かんさいばKansai horse/
けた馬ほしくさをつけたうまhorse loaded with hay/
ワープロ馬鹿ワープロばかsomeone whose kanji-writing ability has suffered due to overreliance on the kana->kanji conversion systems used to input Japanese text on a computer/
とどSteller's sea lion/
けいばしんぶん (n) racing form/racing (news)paper/
トロイのトロイのもくばTrojan horse/
しゃば(n) horses and vehicles/
馬馬けいばうま racehorse/
し馬かしばしゃcarriage for hire/
てんま (n) post horse/
け馬つけうま (n) bill collector for the night's entertainment/followers/
が馬にんげんばんじさいおうがうま(exp) inscrutable are the ways of heaven/fortune is unpredictable and changeable/
かんば(n) a sweating horse/
せんぐんばんば(n) (having experienced) many battles/
えま (n) votive picture (originally of horse)/
つけうま(n) bill collector for the night's entertainment/followers/
おもばば (n) heavy going/
馬のちくばのともchildhood friend, old playmate
くさけいば(n) local horse race/
ぎゅういんばしょく (n,vs) heavy eating and drinking/gorging and swilling/drinking like a cow and eating like a horse/
はやうま (n) fast horse/
じょうばぐつriding boots/
駿馬 しゅんめ(n) swift horse/
けんば(n) dog's and horses/one's humble self/
ほんば (n) runaway horse/galloping horse/(P)/
じょうばたい mounted corps/cavalcade/
あいば (n) favourite horse/
きばせん(n) cavalry battle/
あおうま (n) dark-colored horse with a lustrous coat/
驢馬のろばのはし(n) pons asinorum (hurdle to learning)/
あくうま (n) wild horse/unmanageable horse/
調ちょうばじょうriding ground/paddock/
はこばしゃ(n) box-shaped (horse-drawn) carriage/
かいばかいhippocampal gyrus/
ちほうけいば (n) municipally operated (horse-)racing/
へいば(n) arms and cavalry/troops/war/military affairs/
にうま(n) pack horse/
かちうま (n) winning horse/
じょうば excellent horse/
調ちょうば (n) horse training or breaking/
なんせんほくば (n) constant travelling/being on the move/restless wandering/
ひば(n) fat horse/
てんば(n) flying horse/Pegasus/
よびばspare horse/
ぎそうばしゃstate carriage/
兎馬 うさぎうま(n) donkey/
調ちょうばし (n) horse trainer/
げいいんばしょく (vs,exp) drinking like a fish and eat like a horse/eating mountains of food and drink oceans of liquor/
かいば (n) sea horse/