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Kanji: Radical: (ひと) : ジン、ニン; ひと; person, human being
Joyo grade: 1 Stroke count: 2 Index in Nelson dictionary: 339 Index in Halpern dictionary: 3368
Japanese Reading English
じんてきしょうこ(n) testimony of a witness/
じんこうけつえき(n) artificial blood/
じんたい(n) human body/(P)/
人々ひとびと(n) each person/people/men/human/everybody/(P)/
ひとで(n) crowd/turnout/(P)/
人となりひととなり(n) hereditary disposition/
ひとくい(n) cannibalism/biting (someone)/
にんげんどうしmankind/the human creature/works of man/(P)/
がせひとさわがせ(adj-na,n) person that annoys or causes trouble/false alarm/
じんこうみっしゅうりつ population density (said of a crowded area)/
にんげんぎらい misanthropy/misanthropist/
じんせいてつがくphilosophy of life/
じんけんだんたいhuman rights organization/
じんぶつひょう personal criticism/character sketch/
ひとごえ(n) human voice/cry/
じんぞうにんげん (n) robot/cyborg/
にんげんのにく human flesh/
ひといちばいはたらくto work twice as hard as others/
じんば(n) men and horses/
じんこうもんだいpopulation problem/
じんこうかんみりょう artificial sweetener/
ひとうけ(n) popularity/
ではひとまえでは(exp) in front of people/
ひとなみをおよぐ (exp) to wade through a crowd/
こいひとなつこい(adj) friendly/affable/amiable/sociable/loving company/(animals) taking kindly to men/
じんみんこうしゃ(in China) people's commune/
じんぞうひりょうchemical fertilizer/
じんえんどうそせつ monkey-ancestry theory/
人のひとのかしらにたつ (exp) to stand at the head of others/
人攫いひとさらい(n) kidnapping/kidnapper/
にんげんわざ (n) the work of man/
にんきさっか(n) popular writer/
にんげんのだらくthe fall of man/
じんぼうか popular character/
じんだいめいし(n) personal pronoun/
にんがい(n) outcast/outlaw/
らしひとべらし(n) personnel cut/labor cut/
にんげんいじょう(adj-no) superhuman/
じんが(n) oneself and others/
ひとで(n) hand (worker)/starfish/turnout/crowd/(P)/
じんぶつ(n) character/personality/person/man/personage/talented man/(P)/
にんげんしゃかいhuman society/
ひとなみ(adj-na,adj-no,n) being average (capacity, looks, standard of living)/ordinary/(P)/
にんきかぶ (n) a popular stock/
じんいんせいりpersonnel cut/