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Kanji: Radical: (かくしがまえ) : ; ; ward
Joyo grade: 3 Stroke count: 4 Index in Nelson dictionary: 757 Index in Halpern dictionary: 2963
Japanese Reading English
くやくしょ (n) ward office/council (regional)/(P)/
くわけ(n) division/section/demarcation/(traffic) lane/compartment/classification/sorting/
くかん(n,n-suf) section (of track, etc)/(P)/
区劃くかくせいり land readjustment/town planning/
区々たるくくたる(adj-t) several/various/divergent/conflicting/
くりつ(adj-no,n) established by the ward/
くちょう(n) ward headman/
くぶん(n) division/section/demarcation/(traffic) lane/compartment/classification/sorting/(P)/
(n) ward/district/section/(P)/
くかい(n) ward assembly/
区区くく(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) several/various/divergent/conflicting/different/diverse/(2) trivial/
くかいぎいんward assemblyman/
くぎ(n) ward assemblyman/
くべつ(n,vs) distinction/differentiation/classification/(P)/
区のくのざいせい ward finances/
くひward expenses/
くけん(n) local prosecutor/
くみん(n) ward residents/
区々まちまち(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) several/various/divergent/conflicting/different/diverse/(2) trivial/(P)/
くさいばんしょlocal court/
くしょ(n) dividing for administrative purposes/partition/division/
くかんれっしゃlocal train/
くかくせいりland readjustment/town planning/
くかく(n) division/section/compartment/boundary/area/block/(P)/
くいき(n) limits/boundary/domain/zone/sphere/territory/(P)/
くない(n) in the ward or borough/
区区まちまち(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) several/various/divergent/conflicting/different/diverse/(2) trivial/
区々くく(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) several/various/divergent/conflicting/different/diverse/(2) trivial/
くぎり(n) an end/a stop/punctuation/
くてん(n) Japanese character set row and column index ('separator' encoding)/
区劃くかく(n) division/section/compartment/boundary/area/block/
くぎる(v5r,vt) to punctuate/to cut off/to mark off/to stop/to put an end to/(P)/
区区たるくくたる(adj-t) several/various/divergent/conflicting/
くみんぜい (n) a ward tax/
くけんさつちょう(n) a ward's public prosector's office/