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Kanji: Radical: (からい) : ; や(める); word
Joyo grade: 4 Stroke count: 13 Index in Nelson dictionary: 3860 Index in Halpern dictionary: 1364
Japanese Reading English
辞めるやめる(v1) to retire/(P)/
辞彙じい(n) dictionary/
じじょう(n) deferring to another/
じせい(n) passing away/death/death poem/
じしょをだす (exp) to publish a dictionary/
辞すじす(v5s) to resign/to leave post/
じしょくをせまる (exp) to urge to resign/
じしょくねがい (written) resignation/
じぎ(n) declining/refusing/(bowing and) greeting/
辞さないじさない(exp) be willing to do/be prepared/
じしょをくる (exp) to consult a dictionary/
ればじしょによれば based on (according to) the dictionary/
じきょ(n,vs) leaving/quitting/retiring/
じしょるい dictionaries (and similar books)/
じしょく(n) resignation/(P)/
じりん(n) dictionary/
じしょくねがい letter of resignation/
じい(n) intention to resign/
じひょう(n) letter of resignation/(P)/
じしょく(n) one's speech and appearance/
じしょ(n) dictionary/lexicon/(P)/
じてん(n) dictionary/(P)/
じれい(n) notice of personnel change (appointment, dismissal, etc)/
じにん(n,vs) resignation/(P)/
じへい(n) pretext/excuse/
退じたい(n) refusal/(P)/