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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (かんにょう) : シュツ、スイ; で(る)、だ(す); go out
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 1 Stroke count; Stroke count: 5 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 97 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 3498
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
を出すはたをだす(exp) to hang out a flag/
い出すはらいだす (v5s) to pay (out)/to drive away/
ね出るはねでる to spring or rush out/
きん出るぬきんでる (v1) to excel/to be outstanding/
き出しつきだし (n) (1) protrusion/(2) (Japanese) hors d'oeuvre/snacks/(3) (sumo winning technique of) pushing out of the ring/
き出るうきでる(v1) to rise to the surface/to stand or break out/
滲出し んしゅつ(n) exudation/percolation/effusion/(chemical) extraction/
ちょくゆしゅつ(n) direct export/
ゆしゅつこう(n) an export(ing) port/
ししゅつ (n) expenditure/expenses/(P)/
出しかしだし (n,vs) lending/loaning/
出しみだしごtitle word/keyword/entry word/
出しくらだし (n,vs) releasing stored goods/delivery (of goods from a storehouse)/
吊り出しつりだし(n) sumo winning technique where the opponent is lifted out by his belt/
さいしゅつ (n) annual expenditure/
のうしゅっけつ(n) cerebral hemorrhage/
け出しつけだし (n) bill/account/
退たいしゅつ (n) withdrawal/leaving/
蹴出すけだす(v5s) to kick out/to cut back (on spending)/
漕ぎ出すこぎだす(v5s) to begin rowing/
湧き出るわきでる(oK) (v1) to gush forth/
び出るとびでるto spring or rush out/
出でになるおいでになる (v5r) (hon) (uk) to be/
ふりだしにん(n) remitter/writer of cheque/
とっしゅつ (n) projection/protrusion/
って出るうってでる (v1) to launch oneself upon/to make one's debut/
い出すいいだす(v5s) to start talking/to speak/to tell/to propose/to suggest/to break the ice/(P)/
出しふりだし(io) (n) outset/starting point/drawing or issuing (draft)/
使い出がつかいでがある (exp) to bear long use/
のべばらいゆしゅつ exporting on a deferred-payment basis/
を出すてをだす(exp) to turn one's hand to/to reach out one's hand/
としゅつ(n) vomit/spew/disgorge/
を出すじしょをだす(exp) to publish a dictionary/
ろしゅつじかん (n) exposure time/
き出すなきだす (v5s) to burst into tears/to burst out crying/to begin to cry/to be moved to tears/
き出すときいだす (v5) to begin to speak/to begin to explain/
ふなで(n) setting sail/putting out to sea/
を出すふねをだす (exp) to put (take) out a boat/
おめでとう (ateji) (int) (uk) Congratulations!/an auspicious occasion!/
しんしゅつ(n) infiltration/permeation/(P)/
き出しひきだし (n) drawer/drawing out/(P)/
お出でになるおいでになる(v5r) (hon) (uk) to be/
ちゃくしゅつ (n) legitimacy (of birth)/
はっしゅつ (n,vs) issue/sending out/
てんしゅつしょうめい (n) change of address certificate/
い出しおもいだしわらい(n) laughing while reminiscing/
襤褸を出すぼろをだす(exp) to reveal the faults/
き出るわきでる (v1) to gush forth/
り出しほりだしもの(n) (lucky) find/bargain/good buy/treasure trove/
を出すほんをだす(exp) to publish a book/
し出るさしでる (v1) to go forward/to stick one's nose into/
よやくしゅっぱんpublication after securing subscriptions/
ひょうほんちゅうしゅ つsampling/
し出しかしだしきんmoney given as loan/
へいきゆしゅつ arms exportation/
いしゅつ (n,vs) export/shipping out/
ほんしゅつ (n) gushing out/
きょうしゅつ (n) delivery/(P)/
ゆしゅつけんさ export inspection/
からしゅっちょうfictitious business trip/
り出すえりだす (v5s) to select/to pick out/
を出るだいがくをでる(exp) to graduate from a university/
が出るひまがでる (exp) to be discharged/
り出すおりだす (v5s) to weave a pattern/to begin to weave/
ひちゃくしゅつし(n) illegitimate child/
め出すしめだす (v5s) to shut out/to bar/to lock out/
れ塵出しごみいれごみだし(exp) (comp) garbage in, garbage out/
い出よいであしgood turnout of people/good start/
め出すそめだす (v5s) to dye/
こくがいだっしゅつ (vs) to flee abroad/
剔出てきしゅつ(n) extraction/removal/excision/
に出ているかいしゃにでている(exp) to work for a company/
はいしゅつ (n) turning out in great numbers/(P)/
出しかまだし(n) removing pots from kiln/
り出すはしりだす (v5s) to begin to run/to start running/
に出るるいにでる (exp) to go to first/
り出しほりだしもの (n) (lucky) find/bargain/good buy/treasure trove/(P)/
い出すみいだす(v5s) to find out/to discover/
さらけ出すさらけだす(v5s) to expose/to disclose/to lay bare/to confess/
り出すうりだす(v5s) to put on sale/to market/to become popular/(P)/
炙り出しあぶりだし(adj-no,n) invisible writing revealed by applying heat/writing done in invisible ink/
じさしゅっきんstaggered work hours/
出だすみいだす (v5s) to find out/to discover/to select/to notice/
い出すわらいだす(v5s) to burst into laughter/
しいい出たのしいおもいでhappy (sweet) memory/
いえで (n,vs) running away from home/leaving home/(P)/
はしゅつふ (n) maid or housekeeper (in a visiting arrangement)/
ていしゅつぶつ (n) exhibit/documents for submission/
り出すほうりだす(v5s) to throw out/to fire/to expel/to give up/to abandon/to neglect/
ふりだしきょく selling office/
に出るせんきょにでる(exp) to run for election/
り出すつくりだす (v5s) to manufacture/to produce/to raise (crops)/to invent/to dream up/
じひしゅっぱん(n) self-publishing/publishing at one's own expense/
せいしゅつ(adj-no,n) legitimate child/
えんしゅつ (n,vs) production (e.g. play)/direction/(P)/
叩き出すたたきだす(v5s) to begin to strike/to kick out/
剥き出しむきだし(adj-na,n) nakedness/frankness/
出しよびだし(n,vs) call/
ひゃくしゅつ(n,vs) arise in great numbers/
み出しよみだし (n) reading/readout (computer)/
び出すはこびだす (v5s) to carry out/
き出るふきでる (v1) to blow out/to spout out/
出しよみだし(n) reading/readout (computer)/
きょうどうしゅっし (n) joint investment/
い出ねがいで application/petition/
出しあかだし (n) soup made with red miso paste/
はみ出すはみだす(v5s) to be forced out/to jut out (of bounds)/be crowded out/
き出すききだす(v5s) to get information out of a person/to begin listening/
き出すはじきだす(v5s) to shoot (marbles)/to calculate/to spring out/to force out/
そうしゅつ(n,vs) sending/
出しくらだし (n,vs) releasing stored goods/delivery (of goods from a storehouse)/
掴み出すつかみだす(v5s) to take out/to take a handful of/to grab and throw/
い出すひろいだす (v5s) to single out/to select/
こくみんそうししゅつ(n) gross national expenditure (GNE)/
ろしゅつきょう(n) exhibitionist/
ぎ出すかつぎだす (v5s) to carry something out of a place/
ひとで(n) crowd/turnout/(P)/
き出るつきでる (v1) to project/to stick out/to stand out/
り出すつりだす(v5s) to pull out a fish/to lure/
出しこみだし(n) subheading/subtitle/
出ししだし (n) catering/shipment/
き摺り出すひきずりだす (v5s) to drag out/
し出さしでぐち(n) uncalled-for or impertinent remark/
し出でもうしいで (n) proposal/request/claim/report/notice/
し出すおしだす(v5s) to crowd out/to push out/to squeeze out/
かれ出るわかれでる(v1) to branch out/to diverge/to radiate/
だっしゅつそくど escape velocity/
ち出すたちだす to cut out (a dress) from cloth/
い出すおもいだす (v5s) to recall/to remember/(P)/
り出すふりだす (v5s) to begin to rain/
艶出しつやだし(n) burnishing/glazing/polishing/
たくしゅつ (n) excellence/superiority/preeminence/prevalence/
り出すすりだす (v5s) to print/to publish/to begin to print/
み出すうみだす(v5s) (1) to bring forth/to bear/to give birth to/to produce/(2) to invent/
み出しつみだしにん shipper/
れ出るのがれでる to scuttle off/to take flight/
げ出すなげだす (v5s) to throw down/to abandon/to sacrifice/to throw out/
り出すひっぱりだす (v5s) to take out/to drag out/
出でおいで (n) to come here (from old Japanese)/to come out/being in (somewhere)/
出しおしだし(n) presence/appearance/run walked in (baseball)/
出しふくみだし subtitle/
け出とどけで (n) report/notification/
にっしゅつ (n) sunrise/
掻い出すかいだす(v5s) to bail out/
出すみだす (v5s) to find out/to discover/
こうしゅつ later/following/
ちゃくしゅつし(n) legitimate child/(P)/
出すつんだす (v5) to push out/to project/
しでかす(v5s) (uk) to perpetrate/to do/to finish up/to be guilty of/
を出るしつをでる(exp) to leave the room/
いっしゅつ (n) escape/excelling/prominence/
き出しかきだし (n) beginning/opening sentence or paragraph/
に出るよにでる(v1) to become famous/
たしゅつ (n) going out/
け出るぬけでる (v1) to excel/to steal out/
てきしゅつ (n,vs) picking out/exposing/taking out/(P)/
そうししゅつ total expenditures/
ほうしゅつぶっし released goods/
しょしゅつ (n) first appearance/
ゆしゅつひん(n) exported goods/
き出すあばきだす (v5s) to dig up and expose a criminal matter/
み出るはみでる(v1) to jut out (of bounds)/be crowded out/(P)/
い出おもいで(n) memories/recollections/reminiscence/
し出すべんきょうしだすto begin to study/
さんしゅつだか(amount of) production or output/
はいしゅつぶつ(n) discharge/excreta/
け出すつけだす (v5s) to charge/
き出すふきだす (v5s) to spout/to spurt/to gush out/to burst into laughter/(P)/
がんていしゅっけつhemorrage in the fundus of the eye/
出しけむだし (n) chimney/
げんしゅつ (n) appearance/emergence/
出しかおだし (n) putting in an appearance/showing one's face/
い出すさそいだす(v5s) to lure/to invite out/
び出るとびでる (v1) to be exorbitant (e.g. price)/to be ridiculously high/
ち出しうちだしたいこdrum signalling end of a performance/
はしゅつじょ(n) local police station/(P)/
出すにだす (v5s) to boil down/to extract/
出しあかだし soup made with miso(soybean paste)
出ししおだし (n) desalinating with water/
き出すはきだす (v5s) to vomit/to spit out/(P)/
はいしゅつきじゅん effluent standard(s)/
ゆしゅつきせい export controls/
げんゆりゅうしゅつ (crude) oil spill/
湧出ようしゅつ(n,vs) gushing out/welling up/springing up/
そくじつしゅっか same day shipping/
け出すかけだす (v5s) to run off/to break into a run/to start running/
めでたい (adj) happy/simple soul/propitious/joyous/(P)/
い出しっ屁いいだしっぺ(n) the one who brought it up/the one who calls attention to a fart is in fact the farter/the one who brings up a subject must be the first to act upon it/
れ出すつれだす(v5s) to take out/
に出るみぎにでる (exp) to be superior to/
けんしゅつ (n,vs) detection/sense (e.g. sensor)/
り出すはりだす(v5s) to put up a notice/to project/to jut out/(P)/
ゆしゅつ(n,vs) export/(P)/
えんしゅつか(n) producer/director/
にんいしゅっとう voluntarily appearing for police questioning/
み出すよみだす(v5s) to read (computer)/
そうしゅつ (n) creation (e.g. work of art)/
げ出しあげだしどうふ (n) deep-fried tofu/
出すひきだす (v5s) to pull out/to take out/to draw out/to withdraw/(P)/
ち出しうちだし(n) embossing/end (of a performance)/
が出るあしがでる (v1) to exceed the budget/to do not cover the expense/
え出すうまいほうをかんがえだす(exp) to devise a crack method/
出しこだし (n) (apportioning) in small amounts/
に出すてんらんかいにだす(exp) to send to an exhibition/
れ出すあばれだす (v5s) to grow restive/to begin to act violently/
うりだし(n) (bargain) sale/
いえで runaway (from home)
ないしゅっけつ(n) internal bleeding/internal haemorrhage/(P)/
き出すつきだす(v5s) to push out/to project/
しょしゅつ (n) illegitimate birth/
さしだしにん(n) sender/
出かすしでかす(v5s) (uk) to perpetrate/to do/to finish up/to be guilty of/
け出すぬけだす(v5s) to slip out/to sneak away/to excel/(P)/
き出しはきだしまど (n) opening through which dirt is swept/
嗅ぎ出すかぎだす(v5s) to scent out/to detect/
り出すほりだす(v5s) to dig out/to pick up/
りゅうしゅつ (n) discharge/outward flow/
び出しよびだしでんわ (n) telephone number at whic