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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (くち) : メイ、ミョウ; ; name
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 1 Stroke count; Stroke count: 6 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 1170 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 2169
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
まんようがな(n) early Japanese syllabary composed of Chinese characters used phonetically/
せいめい(n) reputation/
さいきだいめいしreflexive pronoun/
ごうめいがいしゃ (n) unlimited company/unlimited partnership/
こうめい(adj-na,n) fame/renown/(P)/
しょめい (n) pen name/(P)/
こくめい (n) country name/(P)/
しめいつうわ (n) person-to-person call/personal call/
だいめい(n) title/(P)/
び名よびな(n) given name/popular name/(P)/
びめい (n) good name/high reputation/
げいめい (n) stage name/
じんだいめいし (n) personal pronoun/
おめい (n) stigma/dishonour/infamy/(P)/
ぎょめい (n) name of the emperor/
ようめい (n) childhood name/
の名またのな (n) alias/another name/
じょめい (n,vs) expulsion/excommunication/(P)/
しつめい(n) name unknown/
かめい (n) family name/house name/family honour/
嬌名きょうめい(n) reputation for beauty/
どうしじょうめいし gerund/
宛 て名あてな(n) address/direction/
ごうかくしゃめいnames of successful candidates/
せいめいはんだん fortunetelling based on writing or pronunciation of one's name/
使きゅうかなづかい(n) former (i.e. before the post-WWII reforms) kana usage in writing the yomikata of kanji/
べつみょう (n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/
り名おくりな(n) posthumous name/
ちめい (n) place name/(P)/
じつめいしnoun substantive/
くうめい (n) empty name/false reputation/
むめいし(n) anonymous person/a nobody/
假名かな(oK) (n) (uk) Japanese syllabary (alphabets)/kana/
えいめい(n) (1) fame/glory/reputation/(2) English name of plants and animals/
とおりな(n) one's popular name/house name/
けんめい (n) term/subject/title/
いめい (n) another name/nickname/alias/
えぼしな (n) adult name/
しょめいうんどう signature-collecting campaign/
しゅうごうめいし collective noun/
ぜんめい one's previous name/
とざまだいみょう non-Tokugawa daimyo/
せいめい (n) full name/(P)/
とくめい (n) anonymity/pseudonym/(P)/
しょうみょう (n) intoning or chanting the name of the Buddha/
の名かりのなalias/assumed name/
どうみょう (n) same name/
かなでほん Japanese kana copybook/
かいみょう (n) posthumous Buddhist name/
だいみょう (n) Japanese feudal lord/(P)/
ほんみょう (n) real name/(P)/
とくめいせい anonymity/
じんめいじてん biographical dictionary/
じつめい (n) real name/(P)/
らいめい (n) fame/renown/great name/
簿じんめいぼ(n) directory/name list/
たいぎめいぶん (n) a just cause/
の名ちゅうしゅうのめいげつ harvest moon/
ぶつみょう (n) Buddha's name/
簿よやくめいぼ subscription list/
牢名ろうなぬし(n) (Edo-period) head of a prisoners' group/
の名に於てせいぎのなに おいてin the name of justice/
めいめい (n,vs) naming/christening/
たじゅうなまえくうかん multiple namespace/
ぎょめいぎょじ the imperial or privy seal/
すうめい (n) several people/
り名かりな borrowed name/
かなほんpublication in kana alone/
しめいとうひょう roll call vote/
簿かいいんめいぼ membership list/(P)/
やくめい (n) official title/
じんめいろくdirectory/name list/
しゅうめい (n) scandal/
せんれいめい(n) Christian or baptismal name/
り名とおりな (n) common or popular name/
より名をいのちよりなをたっとぶ(exp) to value honor above life/
ゆうめいむじつ (adj-na,n) in name but not in reality/
よびな(n) given name/popular name/
こじんめいpersonal name/
かなぶみ (n) publication in kana alone/
りょうめい (n) both persons/
り名つくりな (n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/
うらなsecret name/alias/
しょうひんめいtrade (brand) name/
の名ほんのな name of a book/
かんめい (n) official position or title/
じりかなまじりぶん mixed writing (characters and kana)/
そうがな (n) cursive hiragana/
しめいだしゃ (n) designated hitter (baseball)/DH/
ざいめい(n) name of a crime/charge/
へんめい (n) assumed name/alias/
じんめい (n) person's name/(P)/
じんちめいperson and place name/
しょめいこくsignatory nation/
じょせいめいしfeminine noun/
ぞくめい(n) (the stigma of) the name of "rebel"/
しつめいし(n) unknown person/
きゅうめい (n) former name/maiden name/
ほうみょう (n) priest's name or posthumous Buddhist name/
むきめいしゃさい unregistered bond/
ゆうめいじん(n) celebrity/
かめい(n) family name/house name/family honour/
しゅうめい (n) succession to another's professional name/
れんめい(n) joint signature/
に名をめるしになをとどめる(exp) to inscribe one's name in history/
しょめいしきsigning ceremony (for a law, treaty, etc.)/
けいめい (n) penalty designations/
かなづかい(n) kana orthography/syllabary spelling/(P)/
じんめいじしょbiographical dictionary/
ゆうめい (n) fame/great renown/
きめい (n) your name (respectful)/
わみょう (n) Japanese name (often of plants and animals, and written in kana)/
らわしい名まぎらわしいなまえconfusing (misleading) name/
ちょうめい (n) name of a town or street/
そんめい (n) your name/
ぞくめい (n) common name/popular name/secular name/bad reputation/
ち名かちなのり (n) (in sumo) being declared the winner of a bout/
股名しこな(n) (uk) Sumo wrestler's stage name/
どうめいし(n) gerund/
べつめい(n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/(P)/
名捺しょめいなついん sign and seal/
かんめい (n) Chinese name (often of plants and animals)/
さいめい(n) fame/reputation for ability/
使かなづかい(n) kana orthography/syllabary spelling/
だいめいし(n) pronoun/(P)/
こゆうめいし (n) proper noun/
かなもじ the Japanese syllabary symbols/
めいめいしきchristening (ceremony)/
ゆいめいろん(n) nominalism/
ひつめい (n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/(P)/
かいめい(n) solfa/names of notes of musical scale/
いちめい (n) one person/another name/
おんめい (n) names of musical notes/
ほうめいろくvisitors' book/(P)/
かながき(n) writing in the kana/
しい名むなしいめいせいempty name/
にんしょうだいめいし personal pronoun/
こうみょう (n) great achievement/(P)/
しゅめい (n) name of a species/
しゅめい sake brand/
ちめいじてん (n) geographical dictionary/gazetteer/
ふめいよ (adj-na,n) dishonor/disgrace/shame/
こうみょうしん (n) ambition/aspiration/
ようみょう (n) childhood name/
かいめい (n,vs) name change/(P)/
しめいてはい (n) search for a named suspect/
とうめいこうそくどうろ Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway/
簿こうそくめいぼひれいだ いひょうせいproportional representation system/
ちょめい(adj-na,n) well-known/noted/celebrated/(P)/
かめい (n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/(NB the karina reading is the origin of the word `kana')/(P)/
びょうめい (n) name of a disease/
の名ふきゅうのめいさく immortal work/(P)/
けみょう (ok) (n) alias/pseudonym/pen name/nom de plume/(NB the karina reading is the origin of the word `kana')/
ほんめい (n) real name/
ほうめい (n) good name/good reputation/your name/(P)/
き名うきな(n) scandal/love affair/rumor/
ぶんめい (n) literary fame/
しい名むなしいめいせいempty name/
しょめい(n,vs) signature/(P)/
むめいし(n) the ring finger/
ちめい (adj-na,n) well-known/
むきめいかぶ (n) a bearer stock/
じりかなまじり(n) mixed writing (characters and kana)/
めいめいほう(n) nomenclature/
きめいかぶregistered stock/
きゅうかなづかい (n) former (i.e. before the post-WWII reforms) kana usage in writing the yomikata of kanji/
ふだいだいみょう hereditary daimyo (whose ancestors supported Tokugawa Ieyasu prior to the battle of Sekigahara)/
いみょう (n) another name/nickname/alias/
き名をうきなをながす(exp) to get a reputation as a philanderer/
西たいせいめいが Western painting/(P)/
へんたいがな anomalous cursive syllabary/
かな (n) (uk) Japanese syllabary (alphabets)/kana/(P)/
の名を騙ってたにんのな をかたってunder a false name/
宛名あてな(n) address/direction/(P)/
ふりがなfurigana (hiragana over kanji)/pronunciation key/(P)/
かなかんじへんかんkana-kanji conversion/
仇名あだな(n) nickname/
はいめい(n) haiku poet's name/
きめいとうひょう signed ballot/
かんけいだいめいしrelative pronoun/
しゅのみなthe Lords name/
たいめい command of a shogun or a high official/
ぎもんだいめいし interrogative pronoun/
あくめい (n) bad reputation/ill repute/bad name/
しょうみょう(n) minor feudal lord/
ちゅうしょうめいし (n) abstract noun/
しめい (n,vs) name/nominate/designate/(P)/
ゆうめい(adj-na,n) fame/(P)/
ちめいど(n) degree of familiarity/popularity/
ぎめい (n) alias (false name)/assumed name/
どうめいいじん(n) namesake/person with the same name/
とくめいひひょう anonymous criticism/
ぞくみょう (n) common name/popular name/secular name/bad reputation/(P)/
ぶめい(n) military fame/
むめいせんし unknown soldier/