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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (つち) : ト、ド; つち; soil, earth, ground
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 1 Stroke count; Stroke count: 3 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 1050 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 3403
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
しょうどせんじゅつ(n) scorched-earth strategy (tactics)/
じょうどきょう(n) Pure Land teachings/
こうど (n) wasteland/barren or infertile soil/
きょうどげいのうfolk entertainment/
西せいど (n) western lands (China, India, etc.)/the West/
しゃこうきどぐう (n) "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD/
らかな土やわらかなつちsoft earth/
あずちももやまじだいAzuchi-Momoyama period (1558-1600 CE)/
こくど (n) black terracotta/black soil/
そっと (n) face of the earth/
沃土よくど(n) rich soil/fertile land/
ほうど (n) daimiate/fief/
こくぜんどthe whole nation/
き土おきつち (n) earth taken from elsewhere and placed atop/
かそうど (n) subsoil/
きょうどりょうり local cuisine/
の土びょうがくだいのとちnarrow strip of land/
痩せ土やせつち(n) barren soil/
りょうど (n) dominion/territory/possession/(P)/
てみやげ (n) present (brought by a visitor)/
きょうどぶんがくfolk literature/
ごんぐじょうど seeking rebirth in the Pure Land/
はりもぐら(n) spiny anteater/echidna/
せいしどあつけいすう coefficient of earth pressure at rest/
ねばつち(n) clay/
すんど(n) an inch of land/
きょうどしょく(n) local color/
ふうど (n) natural features/topography/climate/spiritual features/(P)/
うぶすながみ(n) guardian deity of one's birthplace/
じゅどうどあつけいすう coefficient of passive earth pressure/
こうりょうど (n) porcelain clay/kaolin/
きょうどし(n) local history/
けいそうど(n) diatomaceous soil/
じょうどしんしゅう Jodo Shinshu (offshoot of the Jodo sect)/
こんくりぜと concrete/
ねんどしつ(adj-no,n) slimy/clay-like/
おうど (n) earth/yellow soil/yellow ochre/loess/hades/
でいど(n) mud/
さんせいはくど(Japanese) acid clay/
きゃくど (n) land which one visits/alien land/topsoil brought from another place to mix with the soil/
きょうどしょうせつ local story/(P)/
りょうどほぜん(n) maintenance of territorial integrity/
とうど (n) potter's clay/kaolin(e)/
ぜんど (n) the whole nation (land, country)/
こうど(n) arable soil/
き土おきみやげ(n) parting gift/
しゅつど (n) appearance of an archeological find/
あかつち(n) red clay/tuff loam/dark-red paint/
とうど (n) frozen soil/
おうど (n) royal or imperial domain/
冥土めいど(n) Hades/the underworld/the other world/realm of the dead/
ふしょくど (n) humus/
りょくど (n) wooded area/verdant area/
こうど (n) earth/yellow soil/yellow ochre/loess/hades/
じど(n) kaolin/
おうどうらくどArcadia, presided over by a virtuous king/
赭土しゃど(n) red ocher/
くろつち(n) black terracotta/black soil/
かみねんど(n) papier-mache/
土をりょうどをさく(exp) to cede a territory/
しんど (n) subsoil/
ほんど (n) mainland/one's home country/the country proper/
ばいようど (n) compost/
そこつち (n) subsoil/
ていど imperial domain/
へんど rural areas/
きょうど (n) native place/birth place/one's old home/(P)/
きどるいげんそ (n) rare earth elements/
しゅつどひん(n) artifacts/
はいつちashes and earth/poor volcanic soil/
くど (n) this painful world/magnesia/
きょうどあいlove for one's hometown/
かべつち (n) plaster/
ごくらくじょうど (n) paradise/
ふどき(n) topography/
ふくど (n,vs) covering up seeds with soil/
らくど(n) paradise/
ひんど(n) poor soil/poor country/
こくどけいかく national land planning/
もくきんどThursday, Friday and Saturday/
じょうど (n) Pure Land Buddhist sect/faith in rebirth in the Western Heaven of the Buddha Amitabha/
ふうどびょう(n) endemic disease/local disease/
たたき concrete floor/
まいどようび every Saturday/
かいど lump of earth/
しゅどうどあつけいすう coefficient of active earth pressure/
さど(n) sand/
じょうもんどきstraw rope-patterned ancient Japanese pottery/
ねんど(n) clay/(P)/
ほくべいどじんAmerican Indian/native American/
穢土えど(n) this impure world (Buddhist term)/
きどるい (n) rare earth (chem)/
へんど (n) remote region/
とうど (n) China/
糞土ふんど(n) poor or filthy earth/
さんせいどじょう acid soil/
ねんどずくり(adj-no) made of clay/
ほっぽうりょうど the Northern Territories/
じゃっこうじょうど (Buddhism) paradise/
こくどちりいんGeographical Survey Institute/
きゅうど former property or territory/
り土もりつち (n) raise the ground level/fill/
もりつち (n) embankment/
かくど (n) land which one visits/alien land/topsoil brought from another place to mix with the soil/
ひらどま(n) pit/orchestra/parquet (in a theater)/
る土たがやしうるとち arable land/
こくど (n) realm/(P)/
しょうど (n) scorched earth/
こくどちょう(Japan's) National Land Agency/
捲土けんどじゅうらい (n) (after a failure) gather strength for a renewed attack (on)/
きどrare earth/
えた土こえたつちrich (fertile) soil/
じゅうまんおくど (n) eternity/paradise/
じょうもんしきどき(n) straw-rope pattern pottery/Jomon ware/
こくどちょうちょうかんDirector General of National Land Agency/
お土おみやげ(n) souvenir/(P)/
ちゅうせきど(n) alluvial soil/
捲土けんどちょうらい (n) (after a failure) gather strength for a renewed attack (on)/
し土さしつち(n) adding soil to a flowerbed/
さつど small area/a pinch of earth/
ほうど (n) realm/country/
じょうどしゅう(n) Jodo (Buddhist sect)/
さくど (n) surface soil/
かんど (n) China/
ひょうど (n) top soil/
ふようど(n) humus/leaf mold/