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Kanji; Kanji: Radical; Radical: (ゆうべ) : ガイ、ゲ; そと、ほか、はず(す); outside
Joyo grade; Joyo grade: 2 Stroke count; Stroke count: 5 Index in Nelson dictionary; Index in Nelson dictionary: 1168 Index in Halpern dictionary; Index in Halpern dictionary: 186
Japanese; Japanese Reading; Reading English; English
その外そのほかbesides/in addition/the rest/(P)/
しきゅうがいにんしん(n) ectopic pregnancy/
そがいかん(n) feeling of alienation/
つうしんけんがい out of the range of communication/
ろんがい (adj-na,n) out of the question/
外れなかまはずれ(n) being left out/
せきがいせんしゃしん(n) infrared photography/
いがい (adj-na,n) unexpected/surprising/(P)/
いんのないがい legislative circles/
れいがいてき exceptional/
外苑じんぐうがいえんouter gardens of Meiji Shrine/
外れなみはずれ (adj-na,adj-no,n) out of the common/far above the average/extraordinary/abnormal/unreasonable/
にんがい (n) outcast/outlaw/
きょくがいしゃ(n) outsider/(P)/
しがいせんりょうほう(n) ultraviolet treatment/ultraviolet light therapy/
こうがい(n) off-campus/out of school/
ないがい (n) inside and outside/domestic and foreign/approximately/interior and exterior/(P)/
ぶがい (n) outside the department/
外れまとはずれ (adj-na,adj-no,n) out of focus/off the point/miss the mark/
簿ぼがいunaccounted/off the books/
洛外らくがい(n) outside Kyoto or the capital/
うちそと (n) inside and outside/domestic and foreign/approximately/interior and exterior/
にんげんそがい dehumanization/
外れじゅんはずれ off-season/
やがいさつえい outdoor photography/(P)/
たり外れあたりはずれ (n) hit or miss/risk/
さいがい (n) outer-most/
りがい (n) supra-rational/
ぶりょくがいこう armed diplomacy/
しゅしょうけんがいしょうPrime Minister and Foreign Minister/(P)/
やがい (adj-no,n) fields/outskirts/open air/suburbs/(P)/
外アソシエーツにちがいアソシエーツ Nichigai Associates (publisher)/
こうがい (n) off grounds/outside the premises/
じょがい(n,vs) exception/exclusion/(P)/
かがいじゅぎょう(n) extracurricular lesson/
外といがいと (adv) surprisingly/unexpectedly/
こくがいだっしゅつ (vs) to flee abroad/
わくがい (n) beyond (the) limits/
外れるなみはずれる (io) (v1) to be uncommon/
ぶんがい (adj-na,n) not within proper limits/excessive/unmerited/special/
もんがい(n) outside a gate/beyond one's area of expertise/
じょがいれい exception/
て外れあてはずれ (n) disappointment/
ざいりゅうがいこくじんforeign residents/
に外れたどうりにはずれたcontrary to reason/
腔外こうこうげか(n) dental surgery/oral surgery/
外れるではずれる (v1) to be or lie just outside of/
ゆうせんがいか preferred foreign currency/
しがい (n) outside the city area/suburbs/(P)/
いの外おもいのほか(adv,n) surprising/unexpected/
いんがいだん(n) nonparliamentary party association/
かいがいけいざいきょう りょくききんOverseas Economic Cooperation Fund/
げんがい(n) unexpressed/implied/implicit/
じこそがい self-alienation/
外れおおはずれ utter failure/gross mistake/wrong guess/
の外ことのほか(adv) exceedingly/unusually/(P)/
しがいつうわ toll call/
げんがい (n) excess/extra/
ちがいほうけん (n) extraterritoriality/
ざいがいほうじん Japanese nationals resident abroad/overseas Japanese/
しょうがい(n) public relations/
てが外れるあてがはずれ る(exp) to be disappointed/
から外すよていからはずすto exclude from the schedule/
ほうがい (adj-na,n) exorbitant/outrageous/(P)/
けいせいげかplastic surgery/
れいがい (adj-no,n) exception/(P)/
こがいさつえい taking pictures outdoors/(P)/
いんがい (n) non-parliamentary/outside congress/
外のりがいのり transcendental reason/
かいがいはへい troops overseas/
ざいがいけんきゅういん(n) research student (worker) abroad/
きそうてんがい (adj-na,n) a fantastic idea/bizarre/
を外すめがねをはずす (exp) to take off one's glasses/
み外すふみはずす (v5s) to miss one's footing/
ての外もってのほか (adj-na,n) absurd/unreasonable/
り外しのできるとりはず しのできるmoveable/removeable/demountable/
しがいでんわlong distance call/
もんだいがい(n) unthinkable/out of the question/
りょがい (adj-na,adj-no,n) unexpected/
じょうがいばけん off-track betting/
こくがい (n) outside the country/(P)/
ないじゅうがいごう (n) tough on the outside but soft at heart/
しんけいげか(n) neurosurgery/
こうがい (n) outside a port or harbor/
きょくがいちゅうりつ neutrality/
やがいげき (n) pageant/
こうかいがいこう open diplomacy/
埒外 らちがい(n) out of bounds/beyond the pale/
ないがいや infield and outfield/
じょうがい (n) outside a castle/
かいがいしんしゅつ (n) advance (e.g. of Japanese exports) into overseas markets/
じんがい(n) breech of morals/inhuman treatment/absence of human habitation/
よそうがい (adj-na,n) unexpected/unforeseen/strange/
かいがいりゅうがくねつ craze for studying abroad/
かいがい (n) foreign/abroad/overseas/(P)/
み外れるなみはずれる (v1) to be uncommon/
いがい (n-adv) with the exception of/excepting/(P)/
こうがい(n) out of the pit/
きじゅんがいちんぎん(n) extra wages/
便ていけいがいゆうびんぶ つ(n) non-standard-sized mail/
外れどうきはずれsynchronisation loss (in digital communications)/
外のせいげんがいのじforbidden kanji/
のうげか(n) brain surgery/
しつがい (n) outdoors/
いんがい (n) non-membership/
外れきせつはずれ(n) end of season/(P)/
ざいがいしさん foreign assets/
かくがい (adj-na,adj-no,n) nonstandard/extraordinary/special/
けんがい(n) outside the prefecture/
せきがい (adj-na) infrared/
てんがい (n) beyond the heavens/farthest regions/
おんいきがい outside the singing range/outside the musical register/
らんがい(n) margin/(P)/
かくがい (n) outside the Cabinet/
れいがいしょり exception handling/
もんがいふしゅつ (n) (treasuring something by) never taking (it) off the premises/
おくがいこうこくoutdoor advertisements/
こうがい (n) suburb/outskirts/(P)/
えんせきがい(adj-na,n) far infrared/
せきがいせん(n) infra-red rays/
かんがい (n) outside a building/
ピントが外れるピントがはずれる (v1) to be out of focus/be off the point/to be queer in the head/
ないがいじん nationals and foreigners/
ちゅうがい (n) home and abroad/
ぶがいひrestricted to the department/
にじゅうがいこう dual diplomacy/
たいがい (n) external/foreign/
たいがいりだつ out of body/leaving your body/
こうがい (n,vs) disclosure/reveal (i.e. a secret)/
ざいがいこうかんdiplomatic mission/government establishments overseas/
こんがいこうしょう(n) extramarital sex/
り外すきりはずす (v5) to miss in attempting to kill/
の外にほんじんのがいじんぞうthe Japanese image of foreigners/
せいけいげか (n) orthopaedic surgery/plastic surgery/(P)/
しょがいこく (n) foreign countries/
の外いえのそと outside the house/
じょうがい (n) outside the hall or stadium/off the premises/
こんがいせいこうadultery/extra-marital intercourse/
ぼうがい (adj-na,adj-no,n) unexpected/unanticipated/
しょうがいぶ liaison department/
けんがい (adj-no,n) dispatched abroad/
そがい (n) estrangement/neglect/(P)/
腔外こうくうげか(n) dental surgery/oral surgery/
り外すとりはずす (v5s) to dismantle/to take something away/to detach/(P)/
せんがい(n) unselected/
外れではずれ (n) end/extremity (of a village)/
とうがい (n) also-ran/non-winner/
はいがいてき(adj-na) proforeign/xenophilous/
外れてなみはずれて uncommonly/extraordinary/
きょくがい (n) the outside/
けいざいがいこう economic diplomacy/
を外しているせきをはず している(exp) to be not at one's desk/
せんがいかさく honorable mention/
きょうぶげか thoracic surgery/
たいがいせいさく foreign policy/
かがい (n) extracurricular/
ほうかんがいこう gunboat diplomacy/
こうがいでんしゃ (n) suburban train/
たいがいじゅせい in vitro fertilization/
沿ってたいがいせいさくにそってin line with the foreign policy/
ないゆうがいかん troubles both at home and abroad/
しゃがい (n) outside the company/
桁外れけたはずれ(adj-na,n) incredible/extraordinary/
ぜんほういがいこう(n) (Japan's) omnidirectional foreign policy/
しゃがいひ (n) company secret/
しんぞうげか heart surgery/
こがい (adj-no,n) open-air/outdoors/
み外れなみはずれ (adj-na,adj-no,n) out of the common/far above the average/extraordinary/abnormal/unreasonable/
いきがい (n) outside the area/
ざいがい (n) overseas/abroad/(P)/
はいがいうんどう (n) anti-foreign movement/
いそうがい (adj-na,adj-no,n) unexpected/unsuspected/
き外すききはずす(v5s) to mishear/
よさんがい(n) outside the budget/
ぞんがい (adj-na,adv,n) beyond or contrary to expectations/
じかんがい (n) late/overtime/
調外れちょうしはずれ(adj-na,n) out of tune/
を外すとのさんをはずす(exp) to unbolt the door/
じかんがいてあてovertime pay/
けんがい(n) outside range/outside orbit/(P)/
じょうがいかぶ(n) unlisted stocks/
かいがいとうし overseas investment/
な外へんながいじんweird foreigner/